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Welcome to the Wikiversity learning project for telepathy. This project guides participants towards scientific research concerning the possible existence of telepathic communication between humans. Participants summarize and provide links to past research results that have been published in scientific journals. Other "learn by doing" projects concern the exploration of telepathy through fiction as part of the Science Fiction Challenge.

Scientific research[edit]

Rupert Sheldrake has published results from several experiments that tested for telepathic communication. For example, see Testing for telepathy in connection with e-mails.

Learn by doing. Read a published research report describing an experiment testing for telepathy. Summarize the results of the experiment in a page section, below.

Telepathy in fiction[edit]

Is telepathy possible by means of known physics such as electromagnetic signals or is some type of new physics needed to account for telepathic communication of the type studied by Rupert Sheldrake?

Learn by doing. Help research and write a science fiction story about telepathic communication. Examples:

  • Mnemtronium - set in an imagined future after dark matter is fully understood. It is discovered that dark matter provides a way to account for some forms of Extra-sensory perception.
  • The search for Kalid (external link): a futuristic story which explores the boundaries of mind and machines with respect to telepathy and matter hiding devices.