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Research – This chapter used a great variety of sources that seemed very relevant to the topic. As the topic was very broad, the reference list reflected this. Some of the subsections in the chapter only have one or two references, which mean that there are not a lot of differing viewpoints within that particular section. The good side of this is that, there are a few sections that have five or six references and a lot of information about the topic. In general, the viewpoints discussed in this chapter are supported well. I would give the research section of this chapter an A-.

Logic/Organization – The flow of ideas in this chapter is very logical. The topics flow well into each other. Not only are the topics separate from each other, they move well from one to the next. All of the subsections are logical sections that support the main idea. The only point that should be brought up about the logic of the organization would be the separate section regarding the problems of all the models. I’m not sure that this should be a separate section at the end of the chapter. Perhaps each subsection should have their own problems listed within that particular subsection. As a reader, it is sometimes difficult to relate something at the end of the chapter back to the beginning after a lot of reading in between. Readers do not want to have to scroll back up just to have what they are reading make sense. Again, I would give the logic and organization an A-.

Answers Question/Makes Argument – Although this chapter does not have a thesis statement, all the information is relevant to the topic and all the evidence is backed up by a lot of information. The only issue would be that some of the subsections should have a few more references. Again, I would give this section and A-.

Writing Style – I enjoyed reading this chapter, as there were very few spelling and grammar mistakes. The chapter was very professional in appearance and all sources were acknowledged. I did not see any inconsistencies in tense and person. Again, I would give this section an A-.

Structure – The intro is a little wordy and could use a second look. It does clearly state what the essay is about. The body reflects the intro perfectly and is very logical in progression. The body of the chapter contains a lot of research. The major expected elements are present and within each section, the paragraphs are well connected. Between each section, there is not a lot of connection, but this may be due to the type of chapter that it is. The problem section may need to be broken up and moved to the separate topics. Other than the problem section, there was no conclusion at all, which may be a problem. Again, I would give this section an A-. 23:27, 21 February 2011 (UTC)