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Task: Check Your Understanding[edit]

These sections hav brief text and then link to a blank worksheet learners feel out relating to identifying, listing or defining methods, strategies, values relating to the first three objectives for this lesson. An answer sheet is also available for learners to check their answers.

In the Character Education Designer’s Shoes[edit]

Still working on adding this, but the idea is that this next part of the lesson will go through and review an e-Learning lesson that is character education within a religious context. (See -,17884,5812-1,00.html)

This section of the lesson will go through the different character education strategies used in designing this e-Learning lesson as well as talk about the different aspects of designing the presentation, practice, feedback and evaluation aspects of this lesson. It will also identify the audience, learning objectives, and context for this lesson.

Lesson Summary[edit]

Will briefly summarize the lesson.

The learner will also be directed to participate in the affective domain class blog.

Additional Resources[edit]

Deleted for now, may go back and add later.


Will provide a list of references used for this lesson. Will also include them throughout the lesson.