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This page is complete for 2014.

Lecture 03: Descriptives & graphing

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This is the third lecture for the Survey research and design in psychology unit of study.

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Overviews descriptive and graphical approaches to analysis of univariate data.

  1. Steps with data
  2. How to approach data
  3. Parametric & non-parametric statistics & level of measurement
  4. Properties of the normal distribution
  5. Non-normal distribution
  6. Univariate descriptive statistics
  7. Univariate graphs

The lecture resources include presentation slides, audio and video recordings, and additional notes.


  1. Video: Science is beautiful - explores 3 different visualisations, Florence Nightingale (health), genome overlaps, ocean currents (Nature Video, Youtube, 5:30 mins).
  2. Video: Is Pivot a turning point for the web? - demonstrates the potential for dynamic data visualisation in order to discover patterns and links (Gary Flake, TED talk - 6:25 mins).




These are the 2014 lecture recordings:

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