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School of Revelation Design

Welcome and join the adventure...

1. rev·e·la·tion — n.
a. The act of revealing or disclosing.
b. Something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of something not previously known or realized. [1]

Vision statement: The School's vision is that (1) there be a wiki community for designing linguistic spaces that support difficult to understand knowledge and that (2) the community use these linguistic spaces to 'reveal' difficult knowledge via natural language.

Mission statement: The School's mission is to foster research on natural language expression of difficult knowledge so that,

  • such knowledge may be successfully communicated in a compelling fashion (and possibly transform us in the process)
  • researchers may easily acquire new perspectives, via articles in this school, when working on such knowledge
  • there is a venue for collaborative work by researchers and writers striving to create natural language descriptions of such knowledge.


Researchers would certainly include:

  • Physicists
  • Philosophers
  • Mathematicians

Writers would include any who find joy in transforming a linear description into a visual image.

Topics may include:

  • Quantum theories
  • Limit theories (as in Calculus)
  • Holographic-like theories

Linguistic spaces might involve:

  • Applying holographic structures
  • Replacing "infinity" with "incomplete" in certain contexts
  • Asking what might a Grand Unified Theory require to be both circular and elegant?

Structural overview[edit]

This school is a large organizational structure that links to various other organization and article pages. Actual content for the school is located at article pages. The organization pages, in effect, serve both as table of contents and as summaries for a group of articles. The hierarchy of the organization structure is:

  • School - this page
  • Center - named as — topic:namespace
  • Topic - named as — topic:namespace
Note: Articles (pages that are not organization) are named as — namespace.
  • Naming note: Replace "namespace" with the display name for the page. The prefix "topic:", in the wiki name for the page, identifies the page as an organizational page.
  • Articles: Links to articles may be at any organization page, as deemed appropriate—most will be at "Topic" pages. Some articles may also be used by other schools and this school may link to articles created by other schools.

Active participants[edit]

The histories of Wikiversity pages indicate who the active participants are. If you choose to be an active participant in this school, you can list your name here. This can help us grow and communicate. When the school becomes larger this list may not be needed).

School news[edit]

  • 2 January 2007 - School founded in 'alpha' form. No link yet at any portal to bring one to this page!
  •  ??? 2007 - Future launch date—link to this page will be added at the Interdisciplinary Studies portal


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