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Welcome to the Wikiversity Sandbox. You can experiment here. Click the Edit this page tab above to edit and make changes. Save changes by clicking Save page - et voilà! Changes here are temporary and occasionally removed. Most changes will still be visible in history; see the "View history" link above. For help with using Wikiversity, see editing help, help desk, or the Colloquium.

Please do not add copyrighted, offensive, slanderous, or libelous content. Thanks!

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♠do you need HTML? No, you don't need to know HTML.
You will ultimately need to learn Wikitext, but common editing tasks are very straightforward.
There is also a VisualEditor in beta, which is available only to users who have logged in.

♠Who reviews content? As for who reviews content for accuracy: everyone can.
Whoever is interested in any given subject should be bold and make improvements.