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This article is about setting-up a low cost solutions of communication that blends both the new aswell as some older (yet far less expensive) communication equipment.


The system can be used for music broadcasting, aswell as emergency communication/relief work. As such, it may be used in regions where no communications or much other infrastructure is still operative (eg Myanmar, Somalia, ...). It may also be used by land-based amateur radio-fanatics who wish to communicate with a higher degree of audio quality, further away and at a lower cost.

Set up[edit]

I believe that all music genres and information (e.g. news bulletins), hereby thus including even less known music songs/artists and of course international/unbiased news should be available to everyone. The best way I think to do so is through the use of a free (24hr) internet radio transmitter station and digital radio receivers that can communicate with each other in an easy manner and at a low cost.

In order to accomplish this, and be able to present a great number of songs/news info to the listener, I believe a cooperation between the World Music Network, Putumayo World Music, digital7, and Calabashmusic might be most effective. In addition, the internet radio transmissions may transfer their streams via internet to base stations in countries which may then relay this transmission via regular radio-communication (over radiowaves trough the air rather than internet) so that it may be picked up on regular radio's (or -alternatively- purpose build, yet cheap DIY receiver-radio's; as eg cristal radio's or packet radio/DAB-radio's). The 2 latter may be used to still allow high-quality radio (as they are both digital).

Already are similar systems worked out with the Internet Radio Linking Project (see link below). Also, this system may (if the project suggested succeeds) be used to create locally (in poor countries) an alternative to GSM and satellite phones (which are very expensive). More information on this may be found at the internet radio linking project-article given below.

Finally, a handheld PC (UMPC) can also be used as a receiver and can be used in coordance with the project described. This device may also be used as the receiver radio and might also provide allot of other functions aswell. These include a hookup to a cheap base-education system and system for low-cost wireless internet access. These two latter may be achieved using some special (low-cost) technology implementations as do-it-yourself WiFi masts and diy projectors (see under "CAD models").

Alternative communication method[edit]

The alternative communication method depicted in the Wireless internet acces system article is best used whenever possible. This as it allows much more potential, a downside of this system (and the reason why this design exists) is that it may be more expensive to build and/or operate. For communities this might not be an issue as costs can be shared/spread, but for private people this system here might be more intresting.

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